Raid Bundle

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The Raid Bundle includes:

  • Raid—Midgard: Base Game
  • Raid—Asgard: Expansion Pack

Raid—Midgard: Base Game

Transform yourself into a Viking warrior with Raid! A card game where you build longboats with Viking warrior cards, attack and destroy enemy longboats and deal Raid damage to their village. The game is quick to learn and each round takes about 20 minutes to play for 2—4 players.

Each deck includes:

  • 10 God Cards
  • 8 Rune Cards
  • 36 Warrior Cards
  • 12 Elite Warrior Cards
  • Free entry to Valhalla (Teal Deck)
  • Right to die in battle (Gold Deck)


Raid—Asgard: Expansion Pack

Level up your play with the Raid Asgard: Expansion Pack!

Expansion Includes:

  • 3 NEW God Cards x2 (6)
  • 3 NEW Elite Warrior Cards x4 x2 (24)
  • 1 NEW Power Rune Cards x2 (2)
  • 5 NEW Weather cards x2 (10)
  • 8-Sided Fate Die

Raid Bundle