Divine Creators Needed

A game where you build beautiful towers and create amazing worlds unless you knock the tower over… in which case they explode.

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water/air artefact game piece water/air artefact game piece Game plinth fire artefact game piece fire artefact game piece

“… a new tabletop stacking game that combines strategy, communication, and competition — my whole family loves it.”

“… a game that is both strikingly beautiful on and off screen.”

“… infusing molded plastic with storylines and magic, this game shows what’s possible when you pair toys and tech.”

“… more rare is a game that sucks our whole family in. Since opening the box three days ago, we’ve played it at least a dozen times each day.”

Loved by over 60,000 Gamers

Families, couples and furry beasts love #BeastsofBalance

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Get excited to...

plinth and tower with smiling player

Build beautiful towers of...

tower with player

Anglerfish eating dragons?

plinth and tower with smiling players

Play with family

plinth and tower with smiling players

Play with someone special

plinth and tower with dog

Play with furry beasts


Beasts of Balance scores 4.7 stars with over 2,500 reviews in the App Store

Here’s what a few had to say...

star star star star star

“This game of balance, clever animations and “battle” mode is SOOOO cool. Age 6-99. Truly awesome.”

— Snuffy’s dad, Player

star star star star star

“Was looking for a gift for my 8 year old niece, came across this and ended up buying it for myself! I let her play it of course! It is so much fun!”

— SuppaXXL, Player

star star star star star

“My friends come over to play it sometimes. We end up doing it for hours like it was fortnite. But so much better!”

— IronBlossom, Player


Full game contents
  • plinth 1 Plinth
  • beast 6 Beast Artefacts
  • miracle 2 Miracle Artefacts
  • migrate 3 Migrate Artefacts
  • cross 3 Cross Artefacts
  • element 10 Element Artefacts
  • Free iOS or Android app


Battle cards

Battle card expansion


Hotbelly - The Hangry Dragon


The Beastly Playmat


The Omnibeast



Stack Beasts on the Plinth of Life and watch them come to life in a world all their own on your phone, tablet or TV


Add the Cross Artefact to create a hybrid Beast. Watch as the bear and shark combine to form a "Brockjaw" and the points add up.


Or use the Migrate Artefact to move the Bear from land to air — where he becomes the flying "Bair."


Use elements — water, air, earth and fire — to feed the Beasts so they prosper.


But beware, when the tower collapses, the world explodes unless you rebuild it before Alberick unleashes his fury upon you.


Become one of the Guardians and protect your realm — water, air or earth — battling other players in one of three Battle modes.

“Hugely enjoyable and absorbing, one of those rare games that is genuinely enjoyable for all ages.”

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